Immersion18, the first conference for the Trellance team under their new brand, incorporated the same insightful, educational and informative information as in the previous twenty-six years, but with a lot more collaboration and fun.

Tom Davis, President and CEO, kicked off this year’s annual conference stating “We have to be independent to be your best advocate.” Tom went on to explain that “While Trellance provides many of the same services it offered before, such as card processing; three words will drive its future: Independent, unbiased advocate.” Tom gave the four key factors toward credit union success: Hiring top talent, collaboration, having vision, and using data analytics. Bill Lehman, SVP of consulting services, spoke next, introducing some of the 17 new services offered by Trellance.


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Posted: May 15, 2018
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Author: Lou Grilli

A Look at Zelle, a P2P Solution.

Zelle, the bank-owned P2P payments solution and app which launched late last year, has already achieved a milestone, moving $75 billion across its payments network in 2017. Granted, part of that success is from its previous incarnation as clearXchange, which was white-labeled for the big banks with names like Wells Fargo SurePay and Chase Quick Pay. Now that the brand is singularly named across all its participating financial institutions, with millions being spent on advertising including this one, Zelle hopes to take on Venmo, the highly successful P2P app beloved by millennials and Gen Z. Some credit unions have gotten on board; First Tech FCU, with branches in Oregon, Washington and Idaho and several other states was an early adopter of Zelle, integrating the capability into its mobile banking app.

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Posted: May 2, 2018
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Act Small to Gain Trust

[Editor's Note: This article was previously published in Credit Union Times, and has been modified.]

There is no doubt that the credit union industry has been and still is going through quite a bit of change.  From mergers and acquisitions, to regulatory changes, to incorporating technology and attracting younger demographics. Overall, despite the shrinking number of credit unions; membership, loans and share numbers are up. According to Callahan’s Trendwatch Year-End 2017, The Annual Report for the Industry data, total credit union membership reached 112.9 million, up from 108.2 million at the end of 2016. While new auto loans (13.2%), used auto loans (10.3%), first mortgages (10.2%) and credit cards (9.2%) lead the way in annual growth among loans outstanding, and year-over-year growth in share drafts (10.0%), regular shares (7.1%) and share certificates (6.3%) outpace the rest of the portfolio. However, after being somewhat of the “anti-bank”, many argue that credit unions today are beginning to minimize the fact that they are credit unions and changing their profiles to look and feel more like retail banks in order to compete with their financial counterparts. Many have also been incorporating as many banking lingos in their messaging as they can. However, this may not be a good strategy.

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