Posted: Jun 5, 2018
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Author: Lou Grilli

[Editor's Note: This article was previously published in Payments Journal, and has been modified.]

There have been many suggestions for use cases for Blockchain, the underpinning technology for many cryptocurrencies. Loyalty programs have been specifically proposed as potential use cases by several credible and reputable firms such as  Deloitte, and Oliver Wyman. Most of what has been written about loyalty blockchains describe benefits in very simplistic terms – Blockchain can make loyalty programs more valuable for end users by increasing transferability of rewards, or can increase satisfaction by making rewards programs more real-time. But the addition of a proprietary cryptocurrency could be the game changer which moves blockchain for loyalty from concept to reality.

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Immersion18, the first conference for the Trellance team under their new brand, incorporated the same insightful, educational and informative information as in the previous twenty-six years, but with a lot more collaboration and fun.

Tom Davis, President and CEO, kicked off this year’s annual conference stating “We have to be independent to be your best advocate.” Tom went on to explain that “While Trellance provides many of the same services it offered before, such as card processing; three words will drive its future: Independent, unbiased advocate.” Tom gave the four key factors toward credit union success: Hiring top talent, collaboration, having vision, and using data analytics. Bill Lehman, SVP of consulting services, spoke next, introducing some of the 17 new services offered by Trellance.


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Posted: Apr 5, 2018
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Author: Michele Featherstone

Journey mapping helps in eliminating pain points from the customer experience.

[Editor's Note: This article was previously published in CUNA News, and has been modified.]

If one of your members stopped using your credit card because they didn’t think it had adequate fraud protection, would you know? What if they stopped using your mobile banking app because they had a negative user experience, would you know that? This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the data and intelligence your credit union could learn if you engaged in a member journey mapping program. Knowing this information could mean the difference between retaining and growing that relationship or losing it.

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Posted: Mar 21, 2018
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Old Habits are Hard to Break.

Spring Break 2018 is here, and travelling is the number one way to spend the week off. Travelling to international destinations is a popular spring break activity. And according to a recent Visa travel study, so is spending cash while on vacation. Why do most travelers prefer using cash when travelling internationally? What can credit unions do to change their members’ habits to get them to use cards instead?

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Posted: Jan 18, 2018
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Author: Alexis Nab

Trellance's Optimize Credit Line Increase Program plays a pivotal role

Texas-based Randolph Brooks FCU strives to offer the best-in-class financial solutions to its members.  However, while their quarterly business reviews showed that their credit card program was performing well in comparison to their credit union peers, they wanted to achieve more from their program.  “Through strategic analysis, we identified slower card acquisition and transaction growth than what is expected of a portfolio of our size”, noted Deana Bartel, Vice President of Payments Services.

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