Posted: Feb 29, 2016
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Author: Lou Grilli

Gain younger members with a streamlined and digital friendly onboarding process

Mobile account opening is an effective method for credit unions to convert potential applicants to new members. According to a recent report by Javelin Research, when opening a standard share draft account, 70% of likely applicants say they would prefer to submit a digital application.  A Mobile Strategy Partners (MSP) study says 12% of all banking customers in the U.S. will switch financial institutions this year.  And if you are looking to attract millennials as members, MSP points out that 21% of all millennials will make the switch.


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Posted: Feb 8, 2016
Categories: Millennials
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Author: Paul Castner
There have been countless articles, reports, conferences, and consultants talking about how important it is for credit unions to address millennials and take specific actions to meet their unique needs. However, there is one underlying fallacy in all of this advice—you can’t know a millennial. Let me explain.
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