How “Wallet Wars” Factor in to your Digital Strategy

How “Wallet Wars” Factor in to your Digital Strategy
Posted: Feb 16, 2016
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Author: Paul Castner

Which questions are the right ones to be asking?

With so many new digital wallets announced or in development it can be a daunting task for credit unions to sift through the mountains of data to determine what product(s) and digital strategy make the most sense for you and your members. However, when it comes to answering the question about which wallet or wallets should a credit union offer its members, the answer may surprise you. According to CSCU Director of Payments Strategy, Lou Grilli, this is not a winner-take-all proposition.  Grilli was asked by The Payments Journal to provide his insights and recommendations on the how digital and mobile wallets factor in to an overall digital strategy. Grilli says that having your mobile wallet integrated into a mobile banking app makes all the sense in the world.  So, what is your credit union's plan and strategy relative to digital wallets?  



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