MUST SEE VIDEO: CU Broadcast Interview with CSCU’s Tom Davis at GAC

MUST SEE VIDEO: CU Broadcast Interview with CSCU’s Tom Davis at GAC
Posted: Mar 15, 2016
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Author: Paul Castner

New Payment Technologies.  Fighting Fraud. Interest Rates.  CU Loan Growth.

Tom Davis, CSCU’s Sr. Vice President of Finance and Technology, was recently interviewed by Mike Lawson of CU Broadcast during GAC in Washington, D.C.  Covering a wide range of topics on what credit unions should be prepared for in 2016, Davis offered his expert insights on emerging payments and what to expect in the ongoing fight against fraud.  Additionally, he says to keep an eye on interest rates and that we will continue to see loan growth for credit unions in 2016.

Davis says credit unions must stay ahead of the technology curve in an effort to remain relevant with its members.  He adds that a lot of the heavy lifting started in 2015 regarding the transition to EMV chip cards and the “Pays” but more work will be required in 2016 to streamline the processes and to make it easier for financial institutions to offer the payment products that members have come to expect.  Look for EMV debit card enablement and more advancements in tokenization to combat card not present fraud.  MDES Express and VDEP will continue to make it easier for credit unions to enable Visa or MasterCard accounts to work with the devices that members want to use to pay on the go.

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