Posted: Jan 11, 2016
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Author: Tom Davis
2016 will be one of the most exciting years on record for credit unions when it comes to payments. Credit Union Magazine asked us to share some of our forward-thinking thoughts on the trends to watch and how credit unions will be impacted by the multitude of emerging payments technologies.
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Posted: Jan 4, 2016
Categories: Credit Cards, Rates
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Author: Bill Lehman

The Federal Reserve recently announced an increase in the Federal Funds Rate by a quarter point (25 bps)—the first interest rate increase in over seven years. Although the move by the Fed is a small step at this time, it will result in a ripple effect across all rates.

The increase influences rates paid on savings and interest earned on loans, making saving money more lucrative and borrowing more expensive. Credit unions can expect rate changes on most financial products including credit cards, mortgages, savings, CDs, and car loans.

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