Walmart Pay Added to the Mix, But Consumers Will Make the Final Choice

Walmart Pay Added to the Mix, But Consumers Will Make the Final Choice
Posted: Jan 22, 2016
Categories: Mobile Wallets
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Author: Tom Davis

Walmart Pay has been added to the mix of mobile wallet options, and that's a positive for credit unions. For now.

With the number of mobile wallet options increasing on what may seem like a daily basis, Walmart has joined the club, offering a card-based approach, as opposed to riding the ACH rail as some expected. That is good news for credit unions, but you must also remember that use of the wallet will be restricted to only Walmart stores.

While competition for space in the mobile wallet landscape continues to grow, we must remember that consumers will make the ultimate choice. They will choose what works for them and what they're comfortable with. Credit unions, and everyone in the payments industry, must remember that.

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Tom Davis

Tom DavisTom Davis

Tom is President & CEO of Trellance. He joined Trellance in 2004 and today wears many hats as highly respected executive and tireless evangelist on new payment technologies and innovations and how they will positively impact the success and growth of credit unions.

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